assassin's creed chronicles: china
Ubisoft+ channel is adding a new game to Amazon Luna
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Ubisoft+ Has Added A New Game To Their Channel On Amazon Luna

Amazon Luna Has Announced A New Game To The Ubisoft+ Channel

assassin's creed chronicles: china

assassin’s creed chronicles: china

Earlier Amazon Announced a new game that has been added to the Ubisoft channel which is Assassincreed Chronicles: China. This is pretty similar to the other Assassincreeds but it’s a 3D platform game that your main goal is to save China’s history from the shadows, you have your close-combat martial arts and your hidden shoe blades that brutal anyone in your way to save China’s history.

assassin’s creed chronicles: china, released back in April 2015, the game gives it justice with the beautiful environments and scenery, I highly recommend picking this game up on the Ubisoft+ channel on Amazon Luna.

What do you think about that games coming to the Ubisoft+ channel on Amazon Luna? What’s your favourite game on the Ubisoft channel on Amazon Luna? Let me know in the comments below.

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