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Android are improving how Amazon Luna Controller works on their apps
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Amazon Luna’s Controller Is Gaining Native Support On Android!

Android Is Helping To Improve The Functionality Of The Amazon Luna Controller On Android!

Since Amazon Luna got released back in 2020, the controller has played a massive part in Amazon Luna’s cloud gaming experience. Though Amazon Luna is competing against Google Stadia due to the massive cloud gaming and widely amazing subscriptions and more. Google is helping Android make the Amazon Luna controller more compatible with Android.

Amazon Luna’s controller uses WIFI connectivity and even simply connect through USB. However, it’s easy for your computer to understand the simplest designs on how the Amazon Luna controller works, but it’s not for others.



So Android is currently working on improving this, by implementing a new code change within Android Open Source Project. They have several changes listed, which I will go about explaining the main one for you now.

This is one of the main changes, from the button in the middle which would usually bring up Alexa so you can tell her what game you want to play. Android is changing that to a ‘Record’ button.

Over the years Google has supported Android in many of their projects for controllers, which is amazing to see Google helping Amazon Luna out, on making the controller even better for Android. Even though Amazon Luna is their competitor.

What do you think about this? Are you happy that Google is helping to improve the controller for Android? Let me know in the comments below.

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