The Falconeer
Amazon Luna introduces The Falconeer to the Luna+ Channel!
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Amazon Luna Introduces The Falconeer To The Luna+ Channel!

Amazon Luna Has Just Introduced The Falconeer To The Luna+ Channel!

Today, Amazon Luna announced The Falconeer to the Luna+ Channel. This is the second game from the list of June games, if you haven’t seen this article you can read it by clicking here.

In The Falconeer, you’re in a place called Ursee and you must fight to protect this magical place. From generations of war and decisions that have caused the planet to crumble, and now two tribes have clashed with each other and caused an all-out war. Because they’re trying to preserve the past or run away from the terrible consequences they have done.



What are you waiting for, go play The Falconeer now and fly your way through tough and beautiful environments!

What do you think about the Falconeer? What games are you excited about to come to Amazon Luna? Let me know in the comments below.

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