Amazon Luna is allowing early access
Amazon Luna is allowing early access outside the United States
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Amazon Luna Are Allowing Early Access Outside The US

Amazon Luna Is Hopefully Coming To The United Kingdom Soon

Amazon Luna

Amazon Luna

Earlier we got some brilliant news from Amazon Luna, not only are they adding 4 new games to Amazon Luna, which you can read about the new titles coming Luna+ channel by clicking here. They have also announced that they are allowing people outside of the United States to apply for early access to Amazon Luna.

But don’t get too excited just yet, they are currently only allowing Amazon Luna in the United States. But if you apply now you have a better chance and opportunity to get access to Amazon Luna when it gets released to your country.

I am so excited that Amazon Luna is allowing people outside of the United States to apply for early access even though we won’t be able to play it yet. Once you have applied for the early access, several minutes later you will be sent an email confirmation. This email just states that it’s still only available in the United States but you’re first on the list until it comes to your countries.

Are you excited to play Amazon Luna? What games are you going to play when you get your hands on Amazon Luna? Let me know in the comments below.

If you’re excited just like me, then click here and sign up for your Amazon Luna early access now!

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