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Amazon Prime is giving an amazing deal for Amazon Luna!
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Amazon Luna Announces Prime Deal That Gives You A 7-Day Free Trial To Play Amazon Luna!

Amazon Luna Gives you instant Access throughout the 14 – 22 Of June!

Today, Amazon Luna announces their brand new deal to Prime users. you can instantly get access to their brand new cloud gaming platform for 7 days, without paying a single penny.

They give you a 7-day free trial to play on their cloud gaming platform from the 14th to the 22nd of June. So go pick it up now, because it’s instant access!

The bad news is that because Amazon Luna is only accessible in the USA, this deal only implies to them. I tried and I’m from the Uk, it just sends you back to their cloud gaming page.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime

The deal also gives you 30% off their Amazon Luna controller, which is amazing and it’s worth picking up Amazon Prime today for this amazing deal. If you also purchase the bundle they have to offer which includes. fire stick and the controller bundle which includes the phone clip, you get $40 off that package. The price becomes reduced to $73.98.

So what are you waiting for, go get amazon prime now if you don’t already have it and claim that amazing deal now. You don’t have to get the controller, but the 7-day free trial is worth getting, plus its instant access without the need of waiting.

If you want this link to claim your free amazon luna trial, click here. This will only work for those who are in the US.

Are you going to get this free trial for Amazon Luna? What do you think about Amazon Luna? Let me know in the comments below.

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