Killer Queen Black
Amazon Luna announces Killer Queen Black to the Luna+ channel!
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Amazon Luna Announces Killer Queen Black To The Luna+ Channel

Amazon Luna Has Brought Killer Queen Black To The Luna+ Channel!

Today, Amazon Luna has finally announced one of the three games they announced throughout June. You can check this article out here by clicking here, it will go into more detail on the three games coming throughout June.

Killer Queen Black

Killer Queen Black

Killer Queen Black brings epic and amazing gameplay and an amazing combat system. You can fight your way through four players locally. Or you can play online with up to eight players, can you beat all them talented players online? Killer Queen Black is a strategy Platform game, which brings beautiful art styles and powers that you couldn’t think of.

You have the choice between three types of roles, of course, it’s like a normal ant colony in a sense. You can pick between a Queen, worker and soldier, who are you going to pick to beat your foes!

Go play Killer Queen Black on the Luna+ channel now via Amazon Luna, go slay some queens!

What do you think about Killer Queen Black? What role are you going to pick to slay your foes? Let me know in the comments below.

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