Amazon Luna is allowing early access
Amazon Luna is allowing early access outside the United States

Will Amazon Luna Subscription Service Be The Future Of Gaming?

Will Amazon Luna Be The Future Of Gaming?

Let’s start off by telling you what Amazon Luna is before we start talking about how Amazon Luna subscription service will be the future of gaming.

Amazon Luna was announced back on September 24, 2020, it definitely caught a lot of gamers eyes. Especially how Google Stadia announced their cloud gaming service back in March 2019. When Amazon Luna showed off their cloud gaming service they introduced Ubisoft+ and Luna+ subscriptions which introduced loads of different type of games, this caught a lot of attention for gamers.

Since the announcement of Amazon Luna, they released the early access beta in the United States. They also released it in serval other countries too, unfortunately, nothing has been said about the United Kingdom just yet, but hopefully, soon they might announce something.

What Are The Subscriptions for Amazon Luna

Amazon Luna has two types of subscriptions, Luna+ and Ubisfot+. These two channels offer to the gamer 100+ games on the Luna+ subscription and 15+ games on the Ubisoft+ subscription.

The benefits of the Luna+ channel allows you to play original games without the need of installing them, you don’t need a high-quality computer or laptop too. The entire device runs off your internet speed. I go into more depth about the bandwidth connection and data usage in this article, click here and check if your internet is Amazon Luna ready.

This also applies to the Ubisoft+ channel, you don’t need to install any game to play it. You only need to pay for the subscription and you get to play endless games. You will have to pick what channel you prefer or you can pay for both channels if you want. The prices are a steal.

If you’re wondering what type of games both channels have to offer, click here to find out what games they have.

What Are The Prices For The Both Channels For Amazon Luna

With Amazon Luna, you can use it on the TV through a firestick, allowing you access to play through your TV and other devices. You can also play Amazon Luna via their website on any device too.

Amazon Luna gives you the ability to buy their controller too, which costs around $69.99 and they also give you the option to purchase the phone clip too. This costs around $82.98 which provides the controller and phone clip. The Amazon Luna controller contains a built-in Alexa that you can tell Alexa to launch up a game for you.

But don’t worry if you can’t afford Amazon Lunas controller, you have the ability to play with a mouse and keyboard or connect your own controller such as a PS4, PS5 controller and Xbox too.

Luna+ and Ubisoft+ subscription

Here are two types of channels Amazon Luna has to offer, the luna+ subscription costs only $5.99 a month but this price may change when Amazon Luna comes out of early access. This subscription gives you the ability to play unlimited hours, a vast library of games that will keep you busy and engaged. two types of streaming options such as 720p and 1080p, the 4k streaming option will be coming soon.

You also have the ability to stream on 2 devices at once, these devices can be your windows pc, Mac, Fire TV and also web apps for iPhone, Ipad and currently a select android phones.

Their second channel is Ubisoft+, this channel is quite similar in access, but you’re only able to access one stream at a time. The games are strictly Ubisoft games, such as the new Assassins creed Valhalla and many more. The price for this channel is $14.99 a month, but you can pay for both channels if you wish or just for one, it’s up to you.

My overall conclusion is Amazon Luna subscription service will be the future of gaming, is correct. The subscription for the luna+ channel is extremely cheap and what you get with the subscription is amazing and worth it. The games it provides you is endless, you don’t have to wait for ages for your game to download anymore. You no longer have to be left out from playing games on your terrible computer, simply use your internet connection to play.

Both subscriptions are amazing and if you’re in the United States right now, go sign up for the Amazon Luna early access and play. Hopefully, soon they will add more channels to Amazon Luna and hopefully, soon they bring Amazon Luna to the United Kingdom.

What do you think about Amazon Luna? Do you think the subscriptions are worth it? Let me know in the comments below.

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