What Type Of Channels Amazon Luna Should Add In The Future

Amazon Luna Needs To Include These Channels!

I will be talking about the channels Amazon Luna should include in the future. Currently, Amazon Luna has two channels which are Luna+ and Ubisoft+, to find out more about these two channels and what they have to offer, click here. But now I will discuss what channels they should add and why they would benefit Amazon Luna even more.

Electronic Arts


Electronic Arts

The reason why I have picked EA is that I believe it would benefit Amazon Luna. The games EA have to offer is Fifa and all sorts of sports games that EA have made over the years, which handles all those sporty fans out there. Starwars games, which will also bring that massive community over to Amazon Luna. They also own The sims, which in my opinion would benefit massively because a lot of EA’s community loves to play the sims. And with a subscription fee, they’re able to pay a monthly cost without the need of spending loads of money on any EA product.

To check the games that Electronic Arts owns, click here to find out what they have to offer and why Amazon Luna should consider bringing Electronic Arts aboard.



Activision games

Another channel that could be added is Activision, this would bring all of the call of duty games to Amazon Luna and many more. I would say this would benefit every gamer on Amazon Luna because it allows them to play even more of their favourite games they love. They also bring Spyro the amazing little dragon who doesn’t stop at anything. The price of this game alone is expensive so if they did join, a subscription fee wouldn’t be much when you can cancel at any time once you have played that game.

To check what games Activision has to offer, click here and find out what games you’re missing because hopefully, they add this channel. I would love to play Spyro on Amazon Luna.

CD Project Red



The last Channel I would suggest is CD Project Red, having this as a channel would bring all the Witcher games and even the brand new Cyberpunk 2077. I know that Cyberpunk 2077 hasn’t had the best launch in-game history, but this would benefit CD Project Red because of the amount of money they have lost due to the failure of Cyberpunk 2077. A subscription fee would help them out a lot and bring the company back up from the ground.

To check out what games CD Project Red has to offer, click here and find out what other games they have. all thought their games are little but the games they have developed are amazing and worth a try and I hope Amazon Luna brings them to their channels.

Overall, These three companies I would suggest Amazon Luna partner up with and include a channel for them. This would open a range of different games and bring different communities together.

Do you think these companies should join Amazon Luna? Do you think this could bring loads of communities together? Let me know in the comments below.

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