How Luna+ will work
Luna+ will have games on a rotating library.

How the Luna+ Subscription will work

We explain how the Luna+ channel will work

When it comes to Amazon Luna, at launch you will not be able to buy games on their own, everything will be done by a channel. With the first two channels being Luna+ and Ubisoft, we can expect more channels to come in the future. When it comes to the Ubisoft channel, you can subscribe for $14.99 giving you access to all Ubisoft games and DLC. You can check this article out here for the full list of Ubisoft games. These games will continue to be available to those who subscribe to the Ubisoft channel and will not rotate out.

Amazon Luna Channels

This is how the Amazon Luna+ channel will work.

Now when it comes to the Luna+ channel, you can subscribe for $5.99 though the price is expected to change when Amazon Luna comes out of Beta. Subscribing to the Luna+ channel will give you access to 50 games while in Beta with it expected to go up to 100 when it fully releases.

However, this library of games is going to rotate similar to what we see with Gamepass. As in an interview with Ars Technica, Luna Head of Engineering George Tsipolitis said that games may rotate through a selection of titles, meaning the library won’t grow larger but will instead change:

The lineup of games on the $5.99 Luna+ subscription is expected to increase from 50 at launch to 100 by the time the invite-only early-access period is over. After that, prices may change, and the game selection may start rotating through a selection of available titles (rather than simply growing larger). Amazon says it will clearly communicate any such changes well ahead of time.

It will be interesting to see how Amazon competes with Gamepass, which has seen big games come to the service at launch like Outriders as well as Microsoft’s first-party games. So Amazon will have to work hard to convince people to subscribe to the Luna+ channel. Especially how you can’t buy games on Amazon Luna, compared to Microsft, in which if you like a game on Gamepass and it gets removed you can just purchase it on Xbox and continue playing. So it will be interesting to see how long these games stay in the Luna+ channel.

Now while it has not been said, we can expect that Amazon’s first-party games will end up joining the Luna+ channels.

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