Amazon Luna free-to-play games
Amazon Luna should implement a free-to-play section.

Free-To-Play Games Should Come To Amazon Luna

Amazon Luna Should Implement Free-To-Play Games That Don’t Require Subscriptions


free-2-play section for Amazon Luna

With Amazon Luna growing massively in the United States and them currently only having two channels, luna+ and ubisoft+. They should implement a system where they bring free-to-play games to their platform where you don’t need to pay for a subscription.

This is something Google Stadia implements in their cloud gaming platform, you have the ability to play any game you want without a subscription. The only thing you don’t have access to is their PRO section which gives you free games each week.

These games could include assassins creed Valhalla or other types of games that are new. For information about this type of topic, head over to Daily Google Stadia News. They go over what PRO is and the basic subscription they have which is free.

I’m not saying that Amazon Luna should get rid of the channels they have but, they should implement a free section that allows you to play free-to-play games whenever you want.

Free-To-Play Game’s They Could Implement

free-to-play games

free-to-play games

Amazon Luna would benefit from this massively, they could implement free-to-play games like Destiny, which is a very popular game that Bungi owns and Destinys success is growing massively. Saying this, Amazon Luna could receive benefits from doing a free-to-play section.

They could also bring Fortnite into this free-to-play section which will bring a lot of the Fortnite community onto Amazon Luna growing the platform even further. And the profit they could get from Fortnite is amazing and it will benefit them.

They could bring in Apex Legends which is similar to Fortnite minus the insane building, which takes a lot of skill to learn. Apex Legends brings a massive community that supports the game in everything it does and the cosmetic features it has will help Amazon Luna grow.

There are many other games that Amazon Luna could implement in their Free-to-play section. I highly recommend that they add something like this because it would help them grow even more than they have now.

How Amazon Luna Would Profit From Free-To-Play Games

Amazon Luna could Profit from Free-to-play games in many ways, but let’s talk about one big way they could profit from it. They could get a percentage of profit from the in-game market, this is where the user can buy stuff for their accounts to either improve their player or for cosmetic reasons.

This type of method would help them improve Amazon Luna and also bring a wide range of different types of gamers to the platform. But currently, Amazon Luna is in early access and I know things are sure to change. But they should think about a system like this because it would benefit them.

What do you think about Amazon Luna adding a free-to-play section? What game would you play if they added a free-to-play section? Let me know in the comments below.

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