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Luna Gaming News, aims to deliver the most up to date information about Amazon Luna.

On Luna Gaming News, we want to provide you all with the best information about Amazon Luna. We intend to do interviews with Amazon Luna and reviews for games that are strictly for Amazon Luna. Also provide you with information about what games are coming to Amazon Luna.

We will be delivering you News articles, featured articles, interviews and reviews. With our News we want to provide you with the up-to-date information about Amazon Luna, we aim to be the first so you don’t have too search around for information about Amazon Luna.

With our Featured Articles, we will be providing our own information about Amazon Luna, also comparing Amazon Luna to other cloud gaming services. Such as Google Stadia, Nvidia GeForce Now, Shadow and many more.

Our Interviews with Amazon Luna will bring you all the up-coming information on what games are in the works and some features that Amazon Luna will be bringing to there Cloud Gaming Service.

As Luna Gaming News grows and builds to become your number 1 source for anything Amazon Luna related, we will be doing Reviews on games that Amazon Luna will be releasing strictly for their cloud gaming service.


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